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DIY Astronaut On Cloud Lamp, Cloud Lamp Boasts a Mesmerizing Color-Changing Function

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  • Material: ABS, Resin and Cotton
  • Size: 18 X 19 cm
  • Power Supply: Cable
  • Design: Astronaut on Cloud
  • Remote Included
  • Sold Individual


Embark on a celestial journey with our DIY Astronaut On Cloud Lamp – where imagination meets innovation!  Spin your creativity into orbit with this mesmerizing cloud lamp that not only illuminates spaces but also boasts a captivating color-changing function, turning any room into a cosmic wonderland.

Crafted with DIY enthusiasts in mind, this astronaut-adorned cloud lamp invites you to become the architect of your own cosmic dreams. Assemble the pieces, ignite your creativity, and watch as the glow of the astronaut suspended among clouds comes to life.

But that’s not all – the magic doesn’t stop with the assembly. Behold the mesmerizing color-changing function that adds an extra layer of enchantment to your space. From serene blues to vibrant pinks, let the hues of the galaxy dance around, creating an ambiance that’s truly out of this world.

This DIY Astronaut On Cloud Lamp isn’t just a lighting fixture; it’s an immersive experience. Perfect for space enthusiasts, dreamers, or anyone who wants to add a touch of cosmic charm to their surroundings. Spin the wheel of creativity and bask in the celestial glow of your own personalized galaxy with this extraordinary lamp.

Unleash your inner astronaut and create a space where DIY meets the cosmos – because every room deserves a touch of interstellar wonder!


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DIY Astronaut On Cloud Lamp, Cloud Lamp Boasts a Mesmerizing Color-Changing Function