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Brilliant design Tourbillon Watch


  • Starlit Legend Series – Imperial.
  • Model number: MO1231.
  • Protected with sapphire crystals on both sides.
  • Engineered with 188 pieces of sub-assembly modules.
  • Accented with 21 pieces of shimmery jewels.
  • Features an escapement system around the balance wheel.
  • Co-axial tourbillon positioned at 12 o’clock.
  • Loaded with a 24-hour indicator and a day-and-night indicator.
  • Installed with a power reserve indicator for your convenience.
  • Paired up with a stitched alligator strap.
  • Movement: twin mainspring barrel.
  • Power reserve: 70 hours.
  • Frequency: 28,800 oscillations / hour.
  • Tourbillion rotating speed: 60 seconds / cycle.


Brilliant Design Tourbillon Watch, an extraordinary timepiece that redefines the boundaries of horological artistry. This exceptional creation transcends the conventional notions of luxury watches, captivating both connoisseurs and enthusiasts with its revolutionary design and captivating features.

The Brilliant Design Tourbillon Watch is the epitome of elegance, harmoniously blending artistic finesse with technical precision. Its avant-garde aesthetic instantly commands attention, showcasing a captivating interplay of light and shadows. The intricately crafted dial, a true work of art, mesmerizes the beholder with its intricate details and captivating depth.

At the heart of this timepiece lies the marvel of engineering, the tourbillon mechanism. Crafted with utmost precision, the rotating cage elegantly defies the forces of gravity, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and setting new standards in timekeeping. This mesmerizing complication is beautifully showcased, inviting the viewer to marvel at the choreography of gears and springs that breathe life into the watch.

Encased in a meticulously finished housing, available in polished stainless steel or opulent gold, the Brilliant Design Tourbillon Watch exudes an aura of sophistication and refinement. Its flawless proportions and graceful curves create a seamless union between form and function, exemplifying the pinnacle of horological craftsmanship.

Every detail of this timepiece has been meticulously considered. The luminous hour markers and delicate hands dance on the dial, effortlessly balancing legibility with artistic expression. The sapphire crystal, treated with an advanced anti-reflective coating, guarantees exceptional clarity while safeguarding the dial against the tests of time.

Behind the scenes, the Brilliant Design Tourbillon Watch houses a hand-wound mechanical movement, the result of painstaking craftsmanship by skilled artisans. This exceptional caliber not only ensures remarkable precision but also offers an impressive power reserve, a testament to the watch’s reliability and endurance.

The Brilliant Design Tourbillon Watch transcends the realm of timekeeping, becoming a statement of discerning taste and unwavering passion for the extraordinary. It is a timeless masterpiece that intertwines artistry and technical innovation, setting a new standard in the world of luxury watches. Indulge in the extraordinary and embrace the journey of horological enlightenment with the Brilliant Design Tourbillon Watch, where time itself becomes a work of art.


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Brilliant design Tourbillon Watch