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Photo Frame for Wall Clip Holder Photo Frame,Multi Functional Creative Mesh Wall Grid

-53% Off


Brand – Pikify
Colour – White
Product Dimensions – 65l X 45w Centimeters
Shape – Oblong
Mounting Type – Wall Mount


“Elevate your wall decor with our Multi-Functional Creative Mesh Wall Grid Photo Frame – a versatile and stylish addition to your space that seamlessly blends practicality with creativity. Imagine a photo frame that isn’t just a static display but a dynamic grid, offering endless possibilities for showcasing memories, inspiration, and personal style.

Visualize this: a mesh wall grid with clip holders, creating a framework for displaying photos, postcards, artwork, and more. The design isn’t just about framing pictures; it’s an interactive and ever-changing canvas that allows you to curate and personalize your wall with ease.

But here’s where the creative functionality comes to life – this Multi-Functional Wall Grid isn’t just limited to photos. It serves as an organizational hub, where you can clip notes, reminders, and even small decorative items. The result is a wall adorned with a dynamic tapestry of memories and inspiration.

Transform your wall with the Multi-Functional Creative Mesh Wall Grid Photo Frame. Let it be your artistic companion, turning every wall into a gallery of personal expression. Because when your photo frame is a dynamic grid, every clip becomes an opportunity to curate your own visual narrative.”


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Photo Frame for Wall Clip Holder Photo Frame,Multi Functional Creative Mesh Wall Grid